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Linen Services

What sets us apart from other laundries are the customized services that we provide, from customer owned goods and linen rental to customized linen deployment and specialized reporting.Our customers are partners, so we work together with each hospital, clinic or office to meet the specific requirements of their locations. We believe in a customized approach for each partner, making sure that we work together to give them the ability to focus on patient care. What sets us apart from other laundries are the customized services that we provide, from customer owned goods and linen rental to customized linen deployment and specialized reporting.

Rental Linen

Rental linen is linen that is owned and maintained by Goodwill. We have selected the highest quality, most price competitive linens for our rental pool. Renting lines offers peace of mind – we take care of the supply and replacement, you simply order what you need for your facility and we will deliver as requested. For many of our customers, linen rental offers the most simple and cost-effective process for their business.

Customer Owned Goods (COG)

Goodwill has the only commercial healthcare laundry in this region that will process a full line of customer owned goods. With this option, linen selection, maintenance and par levels are decided by the healthcare facility, and Goodwill partners with you to manage the processing and delivery of your COG linens. Goodwill processes your linen with the same high standards as we process all linens. You can be certain that your COG linen will be kept separate throughout the wash process, and sorted and returned to your facility at your next delivery.

Linen Distribution / Management

We understand that no two hospitals, clinics or units are the same. Our Laundry & Linen team will work with you to pack linen to your specifications. We can do specific folding, banding, wrapping and bagging. We can organize and pack carts to specific hospital, clinic or unit requirements. We will take the extra time to learn your business and offer a linen strategy that exceeds your expectations.

Once linens arrive onsite at a customer facility, we work with our partners on their linen deployment strategy. Our services range from dock drop-off only, unloading carts and moving them to an EVS distribution point within a facility, or full internal distribution with Goodwill staff onsite to manage the process.

Easy Online Order Tracking

Our web-based software application brings new efficiencies and cost savings to your textile management process. 

Our Laundry & Linen team will show you how to use these functions to strategically plan purchase programs and effectively manage stocking levels in all your locations. The software is easy to use and understand, to help you maximize your investment!

Additional Services

Goodwill’s Laundry & Linen Services are the experts in taking care of products used in hospitals and clinics. We also understand that often our customers need more than just linen processing. Our partners contract with us for a range of enhanced services, including:

  • Continuous customer consulting services
  • Inventory management
  • Monthly linen utilization reports
  • Monthly, quarterly and year-end progress reports
  • In-service training for all utilization of products

Representatives to assist you in internal committees and process improvement initiatives, including:

  • Linen committees
  • Infection control committees
  • Linen inventory
  • Process improvement / Kaizen events
  • Dedicated customer account representative for your individual facility